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Your skin is amazing. It has numerous functions. Your body is 60% water.  Your skin keeps that water in place. It has a barrier function that keeps harmful elements out while keeping essential water and minerals in.

Your skin is essential in regulating temperature. It helps keep your body cool with functioning sweat glands and helps keep your body warm by reducing blood flow and heat loss in cold environments.

Skin also plays a large part in regulating your immune system. Fighting off infectious agents from outside and destroying foreign bodies which do manage to penetrate the surface.

It is important to keep your skin healthy and sometimes things can go wrong. Skin may grow tumors or have infections it can’t handle.  Sometimes that immune system we need so badly goes a bit haywire and causes things like psoriasis or dermatitis.

A Board Certified Dermatologist can help you with these things. A disease may need treatment, a growth may need removal or you may just need reassurance that your concerns are unwarranted.  Please call us if we can help you resolve your skin problems and concerns.